Friday, March 9, 2012

Editorial: Wang Xiao, Lily Zhi and Zhao Lei for Vogue China March 2012

These pictures were taken by Lincoln Pilcher or the March 2012 issue of Vogue China. I know I haven't really talked about it on my blog, bit I'm obsessed with everything that's Chinese! I've studied Chinese, travelled around China and have even lived there for about a year (Shanghai to be more exact).

I always find it very interesting to see what they do in fashion and what the trends are in China. This editorial takes us back to the fifties, or more exact the fifties that were portrayed in the movie Grease. Love the way this editorial is trying to tell a story...Hope you like it!

Editorial: Natashy Poly in a 2006 numéro

I found these pics on my new favorite website It's an editorial of Natashy Poly that was made in 2006 and I was really drawn to it! I love her in these shots, she just looks gorgeous!
They way her hair looks beachy but in a very controlled way. Like a girl who wants to get loose, but is still a bit afraid to..Pictures by Camilla Askran for Numéro 72.

Thx for all the tips about NY! Will post some pictures of my trip soon!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New York New Yoooooooooooooorkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeeeeej!!! I'm leaving for New York next week! And I'm sooo excited! Cannot wait to get out of here,,,away from work, but most of all all the drama that's been going on lately! Pfff...other story :-)

I'm staying in Tribeca, Hilton Garden Inn hotel (hope it's good), and I'm staying for 10 whoolle days :-)!
Soo Soo excited....Can anyone give me some tips as to what I really NEED to see while I'm there?
Stores I need to visit, restaurants I need to go to! All the tips are welcome! Thx for all the replies....

Friday, March 2, 2012

A.F. Vandevorst Fall 2012

I'm posting the fall collection of my favorite designerduo AF Vandevorst.

Belgian brand : Wouters and Hendrix

  I'd love to do a post on jewelry. I'm not the kind of girl that puts on 5bracelets/3rings/a watch/a necklace and earrings on before I walk out the door. I've never really been into buying a lot of cheap jewelry in H&M or Forever 21 (occasionally I have of course :-)).

I wear a few pieces everyday (silver big ring), but all of the other stuff in my only gets out for those special occasions! It's when treating these things a special way, that I just feel that tiny bit more pretty when putting them on!

My go to jewelry designer (if you want something special/timeless and high quality) has been Wouters & Hendrix for some time now.  Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix are a designer duo that both graduated at the famous Royal Academy of Fine Arts, section goldsmithing in Antwerp/Belgium. They started designing jewelry together in 1984, and they're doing a great job.  They use a lot of different materials, silver/gold/rose/stones and do deliver a mixture of different styles. Sure you can find the more girly things here, but they also make great statement pieces!

Just a few shots from their latest collections....enjoy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dries Van Noten Fall 2012

Of course no introduction necessary, everybody loves Dries! He's a famous fashiondesigner, graduated from Antwerp fashionschool,,and I'm very proud to say that yes he's Belgian! :-)

He's wellknow for his use of prints and colors, and this season is no different. Looove the blue and orange that he's using this year. He drew his inspiration from Japan/China,, love the uses of silk, the embroided dragons, kimono's! It's a collection that was to be expected, typically Dries. I loved his shoes for the fall season, he always makes the most amazing shoes! Take a look at my favorite looks this season!

Go Dries!!