Friday, February 10, 2012

Dream of Angels

I still remember the smell of my mothers perfume lingering through the house. That beautiful smell that made me dream of Angels fluttering through the skies (only to find out later that that smell was created by a Mr Thierry Mugler). I was fascinated  by the bottles of perfume and beautyproducts that stood on her dressoir. Were those perfumebottles made out of diamonds, I wondered? Later to find that they were just available to everybody of you could find the right store. My biggest concern at the time was,,When will I be old enough to wear them? Mommie, let's skip the trip to the town's zoo and take me to the perfumestore!!!!

I know now why every girl loves make-up and such. It's the feeling of possibilities, the belief that you could feel so much more beautiful if you would just find that perfect shade of lipstick. Transforming from "girl next door" to "sexy vixen" in a matter of minutes.....What's not to love?

The economy is in a recession and worldpeace seems further away than ever but I'm not here to talk politics, I'll leave that to the smarter people of the world. I would just like to put a smile on all of your faces...correction, on all of your pretty faces :-)

Hope to see you soon....

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